Teton Wilderness Pack Trips

Venture into the heart of Wyoming’s Teton Wilderness,
where rugged peaks beckon and pristine rivers carve through untouched landscapes, offering a gateway to unparalleled beauty and unforgettable wilderness experiences.

Explore the Untamed Beauty of The Teton Wilderness

Nestled within the rugged embrace of Wyoming’s untamed wilderness lies a realm of unparalleled beauty and adventure: the Teton Wilderness.

At Soda Peak Outfitters, we invite you to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary, where every step unveils breathtaking vistas, pristine rivers, and encounters with majestic wildlife. Our pack trips offer a gateway to a world where the spirit of exploration thrives, promising unforgettable experiences and cherished memories amidst the grandeur of nature. Join us as we delve into the heart of the Teton Wilderness, where the call of the wild beckons and extraordinary adventures await.

Why You Should Visit The Teton Wilderness

Discover the captivating essence of Teton Wilderness through its majestic landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural tapestry. Immerse yourself in the allure of this untamed paradise, where every aspect of nature’s splendor awaits exploration and discovery.

A river in with mountains in the background in the Teton Wilderness seen on a pack trip

The Geographic Marvels of the Teton Wilderness

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape of Teton Wilderness, where nature’s grandeur takes center stage. Towering, snow-capped peaks, including the iconic Teton Range, paint a majestic skyline. The wilderness is adorned with pristine rivers, meandering through expansive meadows and dense forests, creating a tapestry of unparalleled beauty. Explore the rugged terrain and discover hidden gems, from alpine lakes to meadows blanketed with wildflowers, each turn revealing a new spectacle of awe-inspiring scenery.

A Shiras Moose wading in a lake in the teton wilderness seen on a pack trip

Enchanting Wildlife Encounters in the Heart of Teton Wilderness

In the heart of Teton Wilderness, the untamed beauty extends beyond the landscapes to the diverse array of wildlife that call this region home. Keep your eyes peeled for the regal elk, elusive moose, and the iconic bighorn sheep roaming freely in their natural habitats. Catch glimpses of soaring eagles, graceful deer, and perhaps even the elusive grizzly bear. The Teton Wilderness offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness and photograph these creatures in their undisturbed and captivating natural surroundings, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

A person relaxing and enjoying the sunset in the teton wilderness on a pack trip

Find Peace and Serenity in the Teton Wilderness

Teton Wilderness offers a sanctuary for those seeking moments of quiet introspection and a break from the noise of modern living. Surrounded by towering trees and expansive meadows, find your own secluded spot to breathe in the stillness and appreciate the unspoiled beauty that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Whether it’s a sunrise over the mountain peaks or a starlit night around the campfire, the peace and serenity of Teton Wilderness create an atmosphere where you can truly disconnect and rejuvenate your spirit. Embrace the therapeutic power of nature as you embark on a pack trip that not only awakens your sense of adventure but also provides a sanctuary of peace amid the wild.

Teton Wilderness Pack Trips: An Unparalleled Adventure In Jackson Hole

Nestled in the pristine beauty of Wyoming’s Teton Wilderness, horseback pack trips promise an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. With seasoned guides, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to crafting unforgettable moments, these trips are a gateway to discovering the untamed allure of this majestic wilderness. Prepare for a remarkable expedition where every step unfolds a new chapter in the story of your unparalleled adventure in Jackson Hole.

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Why Choose Soda Peak Outfitters’ Pack Trips?

Kick off a journey like no other with Soda Peak Outfitters, where our Teton Wilderness Pack Trips redefine the standard for unforgettable adventures in Jackson Hole. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every moment of your expedition is crafted with precision, offering a seamless blend of thrilling exploration, expert guidance, and unparalleled comfort.

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Expertise Beyond Compare

Our seasoned guides possess an intimate knowledge of Teton Wilderness, leading you through hidden trails, sharing insights on flora and fauna, and ensuring a safe and enriching experience.

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Tailored Experiences

From novice adventurers to seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, our pack trips cater to all levels. Choose from a variety of packages designed to suit your preferences, ensuring a personalized adventure that resonates with your unique spirit of exploration.

wilderness hunting camp for Soda Peak Outfitters.

Premier Wilderness Accommodations

Immerse yourself in the heart of nature without compromising on comfort. Our well-equipped campsites provide a cozy retreat after a day of exploration, promising a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern convenience.

Soda Peak Outfitters – Pack Trip Packages

Our Pack Trip Packages are designed to cater to all levels of adventurers, promising expert guidance, breathtaking views, and a seamless blend of comfort and exploration. Join us for an unparalleled journey into the heart of the wilderness.

A pack string of mules heading into the thorofare on a pack trip

Clear Creek Camp

Embark on a serene horseback pack trip to our Clear Creek Camp, a lakeside sanctuary nestled within the heart of the Teton Wilderness. This exclusive expedition offers a tranquil retreat for nature enthusiasts seeking solitude and relaxation. As you journey through the rugged terrain on horseback, guided by experienced outfitters, the crisp mountain air and the melodic sounds of nature accompany your every step.

Arriving at Clear Creek Camp, you’ll be greeted by the pristine shores of a secluded lake, surrounded by towering pines and the breathtaking backdrops. This idyllic setting invites guests to unwind, breathe in the untouched wilderness, and savor moments of peaceful reflection. Clear Creek Camp is not just a destination; it’s an invitation to disconnect, recharge, and bask in the beauty of a lakeside haven in the heart of the Teton Wilderness.

Starting at $900 Per Person for a 2 Day Trip
A pack string of mules heading into the thorofare on a pack trip

Thorofare Adventure

Embark on a horseback pack trip with us to the awe-inspiring Thorofare, nestled deep within the heart of Wyoming’s Teton Wilderness. Renowned as the most remote location in the lower 48 states, this expedition promises an unparalleled adventure, transporting you to a realm untouched by modernity. Our seasoned guides will lead you through breathtaking landscapes, traversing rugged terrain and crossing pristine rivers as you journey into the secluded beauty of Thorofare.

This remote wilderness, surrounded by the towering peaks of the Absaroka Range, offers a unique opportunity to disconnect and immerse yourself in the untouched grandeur of nature. As you ride through vast meadows, dense forests, and along meandering streams, the sense of solitude and tranquility becomes palpable.

The Thorofare is a sanctuary for wildlife, providing a chance to witness diverse species thriving in their undisturbed habitats. From the majestic elk to elusive moose, and perhaps even a grizzly bear, every encounter becomes a captivating moment etched into the memory of your expedition.

Camp under the expansive night sky, far away from city lights, and experience the profound stillness that blankets the Thorofare. This horseback pack trip offers more than just a journey; it’s an immersion into the untouched, a communion with nature at its purest, and a chance to explore the remotest reaches of the lower 48 states on horseback. Join us for an unforgettable adventure to the Thorofare, where the call of the wild echoes louder than ever before.

Starting at $2000 Per Person for a 5 Day Trip
high country pack trip

High Country Pack Trip

Our “High Country Pack Trip” through the Teton Wilderness, is a journey designed to elevate your wilderness experience both in altitude and awe. This exclusive horseback expedition takes you beyond the confines of the forest, guiding you to the serene landscapes above treeline. As you traverse rugged trails and winding paths, our seasoned guides will lead you to strategically located camps in the high country, offering a series of breathtaking vantage points.

Immerse yourself in panoramic views of pristine alpine meadows, towering peaks, and crystal-clear lakes, all while enjoying the comfort and authenticity of our pack trip. This adventure is a rare opportunity to witness the untouched beauty of the Teton Wilderness from elevated perspectives, creating memories of a journey where the horizon extends far beyond the ordinary.

Starting at $2125 Per Person for a 5 Day Trip
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Teton Wilderness Explorer Adventure

Join us for an unforgettable journey on the Teton Wilderness Explorer Adventure, a 5-day, 4-night horseback pack trip through the stunning landscapes of the Teton Wilderness. Departing from our trailhead corrals on August 3rd, 2024, and returning on August 7th, 2024, this adventure is perfect for solo travelers or small groups looking to meet new people and share an incredible experience in the wild.

This is not a private trip; you will be joining other adventurers, creating a unique opportunity to forge new friendships while exploring the breathtaking wilderness. We provide all camping accommodations and meals, so you can focus on enjoying the ride and the scenery. Just bring your personal gear and get ready for a remarkable adventure.

Embark on this journey with fellow explorers, and together, discover the beauty and tranquility of the Teton Wilderness. Don’t miss this chance to connect with nature and like-minded adventurers on the Teton Wilderness Explorer Adventure!

Priced At $2000 Per Person

Bring Your HORSEBACK Pack Trip Dream To Life

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If you do not see a package above that fits your needs, feel free to contact us and we will work with you to custom design your dream trip.

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